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One of the major challenges in Kenya’s waste and recycling sector is that the urban waste is either not collected and recycled at all, or it... Learn more
60% of people in Bangladesh do not have access to safe drinking water. Around 35 million people live in coastal districts where drinking water is... Learn more
The grain sub-sector is considered a strategic area in the Uganda’s socio-economic transformation. This is due to the fact that grains are... Learn more
Saffron is a global, climate-resilient, gender-sensitive and high-value export commodity. The Afghan saffron export market is the third-largest in... Learn more
Tanzania is among the world’s largest producers of raw cashew nuts and accounts for 75% of the total production in East Africa. More than 80%... Learn more
In the Philippines, 50% of the 3.5 million coconut farmers live below the poverty line, earning less than USD 2 per day. As there are hardly any... Learn more
The Indonesian government views the dairy industry as a driver for improvements of the welfare of the large number of low income and small holder... Learn more
Bangladesh’s waste system is not profitable, not widely implemented, and leads to environmental damage. Streams that are easy to recycle and... Learn more
Unlike other African markets, the Nigerian aquaculture industry is highly fragmented, consisting majorly of smallholder farmers with little access... Learn more
The long-term vision for this project is to cultivate plastic waste recycling as a profitable venture for everyone involved in the value... Learn more
The project aims to unleash the potential of Ethiopia’s papaya value chain by developing, testing and demonstrating a model for a new value chain... Learn more
It is estimated that one-third of Kenya’s post-harvest seafood is lost before it can be sold and safely consumed with loss of income for... Learn more
Globally, consumers and retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for responsible production and consumption. There is therefore a... Learn more
Tourism is one of the strongest drivers of world trade and prosperity and contributes to 10% of global GDP. Its capacity to generate jobs, increase... Learn more
The Taveta Banana Project will roll out interventions geared towards enhancing the competitiveness of the banana value chain and improving market... Learn more
In the last 20 years, global demand for shea has increased by 600%, and industry experts forecast a further 50% increase within the next 5... Learn more
Small holder farming in Kenya continue to be negatively impacted by unpredictable weather patterns and lack of appropriate financing to stimulate... Learn more
The challenges related to plastic waste are expected to grow exponentially, exacerbating environmental pollution and climate change. The... Learn more
MORE-HONEY will promote the development of an equitable honey value chain in one of the poorest regions of Uganda. The project will contribute to... Learn more
Southern Philippines has a persistent rural poverty problem due to small farm plots, ageing farmers, lack of knowledge and general lack of economic... Learn more
Kafa Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia, the origin of Arabica coffee, is increasingly challenged by the lack of sustainable employment, income and... Learn more
The overall objective of this project is to create viable and sustainable jobs and improved income for men, women and youth in Mindanao... Learn more
The ACTIOM project in Myanmar will contribute to the achievement of SDG 8 by developing a clear pathway for smallholder farmers to gainfully engage... Learn more
The project aims to promote improved postharvest management for maize, including large-scale adoption of tarpaulin and hermetic bags to store maize... Learn more
This project is a partnership between CARE, BLUETOWN and local strategic partners. The project promotes digital transformation as an enabler for... Learn more
The project “Pushti Ambassadors Partnership – Creating jobs for female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh” will contribute to women’ economic... Learn more
The Innovating for Impact in Sesame in Burkina Faso project aims to boost the organic sesame value chain while developing a traceability system in... Learn more
The overall objective of the project is that sustainable hazelnut production and transparent and profitable value chains create income and decent... Learn more
The project aims to catalyse sustainable market development and entrepreneurship in West Nile, Uganda, host to more than 1 million refugees, by... Learn more
The WE SolVE project aims to support DMDP goals and objectives by tackling the twin problem of 1) the lack of employment and economic... Learn more
The project “Empowering Pakistani Women Through Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth” is a partnership between Unilever, who will support and... Learn more
The project is a partnership between Arla, SEGES, CARE and CORET to support job creation and market driven sustainable growth in the dairy value... Learn more
The aim of the project is to promote sustainable market development in Ethiopia by increasing productivity of local and smallholder farmers in the... Learn more
The objective of the MYPOD project is to improve the quality of jobs and create sustainable increased value addition and participation in the global... Learn more
Enhancing crop yield and profitability in Kenya through biological plant... Learn more
With the long-term objective to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth and increased sustainable energy supply, the project aims to develop a... Learn more