Circular Economy for Household Organic Waste

The objective is to create a commercially viable circular economy model for household organic waste, that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves household waste services, and transforms the lives of informal waste workers.

Household organic waste makes up over 60% of municipal waste but is currently un-valued, un-collected, and a source of pollution. The project will create an urban waste collection system in Kakamega, Kenya, to feed 4,000 tonnes pa of household organic waste into Regen Organic’s (part of Sanergy Inc.) new waste processing plant. This will be converted into organic fertiliser and animal feed, providing regenerative inputs for local farmers who in turn supply food to the urban area, creating a circular economy. The innovation is in incentivising household separation of waste and creating privately run aggregation centres that can profitably integrate waste into Regen Organic’s supply chain, whilst creating decent jobs.

Administrative Partner Practical Action
Key Commercial Partner Sanergy Inc.
Other Partners
Country Kenya
Sector Circular economy
Open / Closed Open
Duration April 2024 - September 2028
Approval Year 2023