What is DGBP?

Danida Green Business Partnerships is a challenge fund designed to promote market-driven green transition and inclusive economic growth in developing countries in line with the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation The World We Share. 

Once a year DGBP is open for applications from commercially oriented multistakeholder partnerships between commercial- and non-commercial partners. Partnerships brings together complementary resources, capabilities and knowledge which can foster innovative business models capable of promoting both commercial and development objectives. 

DGBP constitutes an important effort provided through Denmark’s development cooperation to lead the way in the fight for climate, nature and environment by combining private sector led economic growth and green transition. Through the partnerships, the programme contributes to sustainable and socially just economic recovery, green transition and creates hope and opportunities through decent jobs and green growth. DGBP complements other Danish bilateral and multilateral engagements through close collaboration with the Danish Embassies, Trade Councils and Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes.

By engaging private sector finance and competencies in combination with local development knowledge and administrative expertise of non-commercial partners, the programme aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in particular addressing climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, environmental protection, biodiversity and inclusive growth.