WeGrow – increasing innovation and livelihoods in agriculture in Ghana

This project is a partnership between CARE, BLUETOWN and local strategic partners. The project promotes digital transformation as an enabler for development by innovating and piloting digital agriculture services for Ghanaian farmers that will ensure more sustainable and resilient production and improved market linkages for smallholder farmers. The project will test the commercial viability of agricultural content on BLUETOWN’s LOCAL CLOUD, a new innovative platform for distribution of digital content to be developed and managed by commercial content providers. SDG 8 is targeted by promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth through increased productivity in the agricultural sector, brought about by technological upgrading, innovation as well as improved resource efficiency and climate resilience in agricultural production. Additionally, the project explores the promotion of entrepreneurial business models for youth enabled by connectivity. 

Administrative Partner CARE Denmark
Key Commercial Partner BLUETOWN
Other Partners Bluetown Ghana, CARE International in Ghana
Country Ghana
Sector Services
Open / Closed Open
Duration September 2019 - August 2024
Approval Year 2018