Circular Economy Demonstration of Low Carbon Cement and Green Concrete Production

This project will establish a low carbon cement and green concrete production demonstration plant in Ukraine. The project aims at creating a viable business that produces concrete from low carbon cement and recycled demolition waste, while generating employment and access to building materials for a war-affected population.

The project will play a key role in ongoing advocacy by the partners for priority to circular economy in the rebuilding of the country, utilising the green concrete demonstration plant as a physical location for delegations by local authorities, donors, and private investors to learn of the potentials of circular economy from visible, tangible results. The local community will benefit directly by accessing green concrete at affordable prices and/or through exchange of demolition waste from destroyed homes.

Administrative Partner Mission East
Key Commercial Partner Neo-Eco Ukraine
Other Partners Neo-Eco Developpment
Country Ukraine
Sector Manufacturing/industry
Open / Closed Open
Duration April 2024 - March 2027
Approval Year 2023