Safe Water for All: A New Partnership for Growth in Bangladesh

60% of people in Bangladesh do not have access to safe drinking water. Around 35 million people live in coastal districts where drinking water is heavily contaminated and industrial pollution also affects the populations in the industrial areas around Dhaka. As the access to water is controlled and can be expensive, there is an overall high demand for affordable safe water. The Covid-19 pandemic has furthermore impacted jobs and livelihoods in Bangladesh, in particular short-term employment in the informal sector. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, 72% of the people were unemployed.

The Safe Water for All project, involving a partnership between BRAC,  Grundfos, and Hydro Industries Ltd., aims to create a commercially viable business model for cleaning industrial effluent and to ensure safe drinking water in Bangladesh. This dual aim will be achieved through the installation of Water Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants, both of which will work towards SDG 8 by creating jobs in the water sector.

Administrative Partner BRAC UK
Key Commercial Partner Grundfos A/S
Other Partners BRAC Bangladesh, Hydro Industries Limited
Country Bangladesh
Sector Green technologies
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2021 - July 2025
Approval Year 2020