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Solar for Cooling: Energy and refrigeration solutions for small-scale fishing in Kenya

It is estimated that one-third of Kenya’s post-harvest seafood is lost before it can be sold and safely consumed with loss of income for small-scale fishers as a consequence. Two obstacles must be overcome to solve this problem: First, many small-scale fishers are unbanked and do not have access to credit to invest in cold storage equipment. Secondly, only 30% of the Kenyan population have access to reliable electricity. Thus the Solar for Cooling project aims to close the gap between off-grid energy and small-scale fishers’ need for refrigeration solutions. This is done by bringing together partners who can provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and tailored solar refrigeration systems.

In close collaboration, these commercial partners will expand the supply chain for off-grid energy and refrigeration in coastal Kenya. By expanding these supply chains, and by maturing the market demand and building capacity of small-scale fishers, the project will help to unleash the economic potential of small-scale fishing. This will contribute to the development objective which is to stimulate sustainable economic growth in selected coastal regions of Kenya. Expected key results include a reduction in post-catch losses and an increased average price for fish with higher revenue for small-scale fishers as result.


Photograph Copyright Credit: © Kyle LaFerriere / WWF-US

Administrative Partner WWF - Verdensnaturfonden
Key Commercial Partner X-Solar
Other Partners PAKPRO, Total Hospital Solution, Vestfrost Solutions, WWF Kenya
Country Kenya
Sector Green technologies
Open / Closed Open
Duration August 2020 - December 2024
Approval Year 2019