Hifadhi Nafaka Salama (Save Safe Food), Tanzania

The project aims to promote improved postharvest management for maize, including large-scale adoption of tarpaulin and hermetic bags to store maize in a safer manner. It is expected that about 5,850 farm households will adopt good post-harvest practices, including the use of hermetic bags, while up to 90,000 farm households will adopt the usage of hermetic bags to safely store grains free from pest damages and storage pesticides. The farmers will thereby increase their food safety, extend their food security by 1-2 months or increase their income by selling their safely stored maize when prices are higher. The commercial objective is to enable two manufacturers of hermetic bags (AtoZ and PPTL) to establish sustainable supply systems, thus generating employment and income opportunities along the input and distribution value chain. The project will directly contribute to SDG 8.2 to achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation. 

Administrative Partner Helvetas - Swiss Intercooperation
Key Commercial Partner AtoZ Textile Mills
Other Partners Pee Pee Tanzania Limited, Transglobal Distributors Limited
Country Tanzania
Sector Manufacturing/industry
Open / Closed Open
Duration August 2019 - July 2022
Approval Year 2018