Green Hub Kampala – E-mobility ecosystem for climate change mitigation and improved livelihoods

Uganda’s transport sector runs almost entirely on imported, non-renewable energy, causing alarming rates of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Meanwhile, commercial boda driving (taxi motorcycles) is one of the biggest sources of informal employment in the country.

In this project, the partners will be recycling and replacing old bodas with e-bodas running on solar energy, using an all-woman workforce. The ecosystem includes 6 value chains: material recycling, e-boda distribution, asset financing, charging infrastructure, energy generation, and digital support services. This holistic business model will increase the incomes and occupational safety of boda drivers, create livelihood opportunities for women and youth in the e-mobility sector, reduce CO2 air pollution, and promote sustainable waste management by the recycling of old bodas. By introducing e-bodas running on solar energy, this innovative project takes a step towards the transition to a green transport sector in Uganda.

Administrative Partner Access2innovation
Key Commercial Partner Kjaer Group
Other Partners Nexus Green
Country Uganda
Sector Transport
Open / Closed Open
Duration January 2024 - December 2024
Approval Year 2023