Photo: DCA

Green Production Landscape

The project’s aim is to establish a green production landscape, encompassing regenerative farming, increased biodiversity, and resilience to climate change, all while enhancing the income and livelihoods of smallholder communities in the Singida region. BioSustain, as a key commercial partner, will play a crucial role in building the capacity of farmers and providing a market for their organic production, focusing on cotton and other crops.

The project targets smallholder farms to engage in organic agriculture and environmental actions. This approach is expected to open diversified markets for their organic produce, thereby increasing their income and improving their livelihoods. Additionally, the project introduces a second business model to advance the use of biopesticides, specifically scaling up and professionalising the use of the herb Solanum for crop protection among smallholder farmers. This dual approach aims to foster a sustainable, green production landscape in the region.

Administrative Partner Helvetas - Swiss Intercooperation
Key Commercial Partner BioSustain
Other Partners Reinhart
Country Tanzania
Sector Agriculture & agro-processing
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2023 - July 2028
Approval Year 2022