Inclusive CO2 sequestration in the Kenyan nut industry

The objective of this project is to validate how the use of agri-waste can reduce CO2 emissions and create improved income and livelihoods for 3,750 nut farmers in Coastal Kenya. Waste management hubs at nut processing sites will use Danish pyrolysis solutions to produce biochar for soil improvement, enhancing nut production and enabling efficient electricity and eventual biofuel production. Anchored in an Inclusive Business Model (IBM), the project intends to advance climate-smart agriculture, promote renewable energy use, and increase resource productivity, thus benefiting farmers (especially women and youth) through improved employment and profit shares from CO2 credits and renewable energy.

Administrative Partner Access2innovation
Key Commercial Partner MASH MAKES
Other Partners Farm Africa (FA), GrowFairly (GF), LM Africa Services Ltd.
Country Kenya
Sector Green technologies
Open / Closed Open
Duration April 2023 - February 2025
Approval Year 2022