Innovating the Cashew Value Chain in Tanzania

Tanzania is among the world’s largest producers of raw cashew nuts and accounts for 75% of the total production in East Africa.

Unfortunately, the smallholder cashew farmers do not get a fair share of the profit when selling the raw cashew nuts for processing. In fact, 80% of the cashew nuts are exported for processing in Vietnam and India. Even the 20% processed in Tanzania tend to be sourced from farmers at unfair prices. In addition, the farmers often sell the raw cashew nuts through a network of middlemen, including through illegal crossborder trade with Kenya.

Together with the Duga-AMCOS farmer cooperative, this project is changing this. They do so by helping farmers change to organic farming which offers a higher premium from our commercial partner, Biotan Ltd, who processes the nuts in Dar Es Salam; by innovating new products from the 80% of the cashew fruit that is otherwise wasted (f.ex cashew juice, jam and milk); and finally, by supporting farmers in increasing yields from the non-cashew crops on their farms and making their farming practices more climate resilient.

The project contributes to SDG 8 by creating green jobs in Mkinga District in northern Tanzania where farmers are now enjoying a fairer price through organic farming and circular production, while improving their livelihoods through more efficient, climate resilient farming.

Administrative Partner CARE Denmark
Key Commercial Partner Biotan Group Limited
Other Partners CARE International in Tanzania, DUGA AMCOS
Country Tanzania
Sector Agriculture & agro-processing
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2021 - June 2025
Approval Year 2020