Innovating the Cashew Value Chain in Tanzania

Tanzania is among the world’s largest producers of raw cashew nuts and accounts for 75% of the total production in East Africa. More than 80% of Tanzanian cashews are exported as raw cashew nuts to Vietnam and India for processing, before entering the global market. However, when processed only 20% of the cashew mass is extracted and the remainder is treated as waste. CARE, in partnership with Out-Growers, will contribute to eliminating raw material waste and unlock untapped commercial opportunities in the cashew value chain. This will be done by improving the human and infrastructure capacity to locally process quality cashew products in the Mkinga region of Tanzania.

Cashews provide an important and often primary source of income for 250.000 smallholder farmers, in the southern coastal regions, which together account for 80-90% of Tanzania’s marketed cashew crop. The project contributes to SDG 8 by creating green jobs in localising the cashew nut processing and unlocking untapped commercial opportunities in the cashew value chain in Mkinga region.

Administrative Partner CARE Denmark
Key Commercial Partner Out-Growers ApS
Other Partners CARE International in Tanzania, DUGA AMCOS
Country Tanzania
Sector Agriculture & agro-processing
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2021 - December 2024
Approval Year 2020