Enhancing irrigation to improve climate adaptation and sustain small holder production systems in Uganda

Climate change presents a significant challenge to food production in Eastern Africa. This project aims to assist commercial partners in providing irrigation solutions to small-holder farmers, enhancing their ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. It focuses on building knowledge and capacity among farmers and identifying finance solutions that will enable investment in high-quality irrigation systems. Through this initiative, farmers are expected to gain access to new technology and adopt climate adaptation practices, thereby reducing their climate vulnerabilities, increasing the sustainability of food production systems, and ultimately improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

The expected outcomes of the project include the uptake of climate-smart agriculture practices within the food production system, the proliferation of quality, sustainable solar irrigation solutions for smallholder farmers, and expanded access to local and regional markets for agricultural produce. Additionally, the project aims to enhance access to finance for smallholders, facilitating investments in irrigation for crop production and contributing to the resilience and sustainability of their farming operations.

Administrative Partner Eastern Africa Grain Council
Key Commercial Partner Grundfos Holdings A/S
Other Partners Access2Innovation, Akvo International Ltd.
Country Uganda
Sector Water
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2023 - July 2026
Approval Year 2022