Circular economy based on the usage of waste plastic on road production

Within Colombia, where 1,250,000 tonnes of plastic waste are generated annually and up to 74% of packing ends up in landfill. To address this issue, Dynatest, MacRebur, and CEMPRE Colombia are evaluating the feasibility of using the less recyclable parts of this waste to manufacture additives for asphalt production. This not only reduces CO2 emissions but ensures the efficient use of natural resources.

A key outcome of this project is the development of quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure, including regional and transborder infrastructure. By doing so, the project contributes to achieving the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources by 2030. Additionally, it aims to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse, aligning with global sustainability goals. The project also seeks to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, thereby increasing the industry’s share of employment.

Administrative Partner Compromiso Empresarial para ek Reciclaje (Cempre) Colombia
Key Commercial Partner Dynatest Colombia Consultoria SAS
Other Partners MacRebur Limited
Country Colombia
Sector Circular economy
Open / Closed Open
Duration April 2023 - September 2024
Approval Year 2022