Prosperous Farmers and Forests Partnership

The Prosperous Farmers and Forests Partnership is a community-corporate partnership model, led by Slow and WWF that aims to build sustainable, resilient, and inclusive forest economies in Vietnam. This project focuses on transforming 2,500 hectares of monoculture coffee plantations into a regenerative agroforestry model in the Quang Tri province. This transformation is designed to not only improve the livelihoods of 2,000 smallholder households through significant income increases but also to enhance environmental sustainability.

Central to this initiative is the restoration of 18,000 hectares of natural forest, thus protecting a biodiversity corridor in the Quang Tri province. Through these efforts, the partnership aims to create a sustainable and resilient agricultural economy which is benefiting both the community and the ecosystem.

Administrative Partner WWF Finland
Key Commercial Partner Slow A/S
Other Partners WWF Denmark, WWF Viet Nam
Country Vietnam
Sector Forest
Open / Closed Open
Duration July 2023 - July 2027
Approval Year 2022