Market-oriented Rural Enterprise for Honey (MORE-HONEY) in Uganda

MORE-HONEY will promote the development of an equitable honey value chain in one of the poorest regions of Uganda. The project will contribute to the achievement of SDG 8 by increasing incomes for 2,000 smallholder farmers who will benefit from increased skills and access to reliable and profitable markets. More specifically, the project will promote technological innovation in the value chain (SDG 8.2), create decent work opportunities for women and men (SDG 8.5) and support income increase for smallholder farmers, including young people (SDG 8.6). It will thus contribute to the achievement of SDG 1 (Ending poverty) by increasing household income for poor farmers, and to SDG 5 (Gender equality) by promoting the economic independence of women. The project will promote local economic development through GBL, Swienty Commodities’ and the Kahlwax’s commercial objectives of increasing the quantity, quality and traceability of honey and wax sourced from Uganda.  

Administrative Partner Self Help Africa
Key Commercial Partner Golden Bees
Other Partners Kahl GmBH & Co.KG., Swienty Commodities ApS.
Country Uganda
Sector Agriculture & agro-processing
Open / Closed Open
Duration August 2019 - July 2023
Approval Year 2018