Plastic with Purpose: Creating a Sustainable Circular Economy for Plastic Waste in Vietnam

The long-term vision for this project is to cultivate plastic waste recycling as a profitable venture for everyone involved in the value chain—particularly for local waste collectors and small recycling business owners—while reducing the flow of plastic waste into natural environments in coastal cities of Vietnam.

iDE is uniquely situated to lead the pursuit of this vision as the implementing partner in this project. iDE has pioneered market-based development and inclusive market ecosystem creation for over 30 years with deep experience in human centered design, supply chain strengthening, and product and service-delivery innovation. To complement their strengths, iDE has assembled a team of two commercial partners that share the same vision and are ready to pursue it, including: (1) Oceanworks is their international commercial partner and it is a US-based company that hosts a platform built to drive recycled plastic offtake and reduce demand for new virgin plastic. Their expansive and growing range of recycled resins, textiles, and products from committed independent suppliers is sold to brands and manufacturers globally. (2) Evergreen Social Ventures is their local commercial partner and is a technology provider for low-grade plastic processing and production of materials and products made from recycled low-grade plastic.

By strengthening a sustainable and desirable market for recycled plastic, the project will help to ensure that informal waste collectors and their families have long-lasting livelihood improvements and that ocean-bound plastic will become obsolete.

Administrative Partner iDE UK (International Development Enterprises)
Key Commercial Partner Oceanworks
Other Partners Evergreen Social Ventures
Country Vietnam
Sector Circular economy
Open / Closed Open
Duration May 2021 - April 2024
Approval Year 2019