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New DMDP project in Vietnam approved

News 10 May, 2021

The DMDP project “Creating a Sustainable Circular Economy for Plastic Waste in Vietnam” has been approved this April and has started activities in May 2021. The project, led by a consortium consisting of iDE, Oceanworks and Evergreen Social Ventures, seeks to develop plastic waste recycling as a profitable venture and provide waste pickers with a living income. Furthermore, the project will reduce the flow of plastic waste into natural environments in coastal cities of Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the worst offenders of plastic waste mismanagement, recycling only 5-10% of the 1.83 million metric tons of plastic waste produced annually. The recycling value chain in the country is largely informal and fragmented, with little transparency around prices and few worker protections. The fragmented value chain, characterized by inefficient use of resources and supply-demand gaps, makes it difficult for recyclers and plastics manufacturers to develop effective partnerships.