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The 2024 DGBP Application Round Closing Soon

General, News 28 May, 2024

The DGBP Secretariat wants to remind you that the 2024 DGBP Application Round has a deadline on 3 of June 2024 1 PM CEST (Danish time)❗

To apply to the 2024 DGBP Application Round you must submit your Concept Note and all other necessary documents to dgbp@dgbp.dk.

📌 If you are unsure about the requirements for partnerships, please see page 11 of the 2024 DGBP Administrative Guidelines, where you can find a list of mandatory requirements.
📌 Page 1 of the Concept Note template also contains an “Application Checklist” which you can consult to ensure that all mandatory documents are included in your application.

💡In general, we recommend that all applicants read the 2024 DGBP Administrative Guidelines carefully before filling out the templates and submitting their applications to the Secretariat.

We look forward to receiving your applications.