WE SoLVE, Tanzania

New partnerships selected for final approval

News 13 Nov, 2023

Fourteen partnerships have been pre-approved in the second round of the DGBP programme 

The DGBP Secretariat is pleased to announce that out of 94 applications, seven full projects and seven maturation projects have been pre-selected in the 2023 application round. DKK 98.3 million has been allocated and the consortia will now develop their project documents for final approval. 

The partnerships will engage in sustainable business development in ten different countries across Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Eleven projects address climate change as their principal objective, while three primarily focus on achieving a social impact. All the projects consider the co-benefits of addressing climate change and social development through private sector and business development.  

The projects cover various sectors including agriculture, green technology, manufacturing, transportation, circular economy, and forestry. Over the next five years, the full projects aim to establish a solid impact business upon completion. Meanwhile, the maturation projects, running over the next 18 months, will evaluate the feasibility and potential obstacles in building a viable business case for further scaling. 

Keep a lookout on our projects page where we will share more details about the 2023 partnerships over the next few weeks.