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New Coodinators for the DGBP

General, News 18 Jul, 2022


We are happy to share that with the launch of the DGBP Programme the Secretariat has been expanded with two new coordinators. Lars Christian Oxe and Marianne Jacobsen Toftgaard, who are both partners in Nordic Consulting Group the host organisation of the Secretariat, will from now on be in charge of the DGBP programme.

Marianne  comes from a position as Head of Climate Action and Ambition Department at Climate Action Network International and has more than 20 years of experience working with climate change policies and plans, green and just transition and sustainability. Marianne’s green profile is essential to the DGBP programme and she is capable of assisting with technical knowhow and backstopping as well as daily management. Marianne has experience from both International NGOs, commercial businesses, advisory and as a consultant. This gives her excellent prerequisites to engage with- and understand both the commercial and non-commercial partners in the upcoming DGBP partnerships.

Lars Christian brings more than 25 years of experience working with agriculture and the private sector in developing countries. He has extensive experience with public-private partnerships, value chain programmes, private sector organisation and advocacy, green growth, SME development and food systems advisory services. Further, Lars Christian has experience from many of the eligible countries under the DGBP programme.

Both Lars Christian and Marianne are excited to engage with the upcoming partnerships and have already started dialogue with many interested partners. Marie-Louise Appelquist and Mikkel Klim will continue to manage the DMDP portfolio and will also assume an overall coordination role of the Secretariat ensuring knowledge sharing and collaboration with Lars Christian and Marianne. Mike Dalgaard will work on both programmes and continue to have the main responsibility for financial management support to and control of partnership projects.