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Information on the DGBP 2022 application window

General, News 08 Dec, 2022

As previously communicated to you, the Secretariat has been instructed to wait with the announcement of the project selection results, until a new the Danish Government has been formed after the general elections last month. Regardless of this, the Secretariat is continuing working on relevant project documents, so when the time comes, we will be able to move forward as smoothly and quickly as possible in collaboration with the selected projects.  

The delay mainly impacts the start-up date for the Maturation Projects and finalising the full project documents. It is assumed that a new government will be formed before the end of 2022. The Secretariat thus expects the Maturation Projects to start as soon as possible in 2023 and no later than 1st of April upon the finalisation of the project documents.  

General information on the upcoming process:  

The Secretariat will be hosting two online webinars for all selected partner consortia in mid-January (tentative dates are 17th and 18th of January). The webinars will focus on introducing the partner consortia to the project development process including a walkthrough of relevant documents and information.  

All projects selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be informed as soon as possible upon confirmation of selection and receive an email from the Secretariat with further information.   

Our website will be updated regularly with news and further developments.