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DGBP Secretariat completes the first Annual Meetings with Full Project Partnerships from 2022

General, News 14 May, 2024

The DGBP Secretariat is pleased to announce the completion of the first round of Annual Meetings with Full Partnership Project Consortia that got approved for funding from the DMFA in 2022.  

The first year in a project timeline tends to focus on preparation work, for example, working on activity plans, preparing a communication strategy, and ensuring a strong foundation for the project implementation phase. Despite challenges that consortia may encounter along the way, the DGBP Secretariat is eager to provide support and contribute to innovative partnership ideas taking shape in a way that promotes sustainable development through smart climate and economic solutions. 

Note that the deadline of the 2024 DGBP Application Round is 3 June 1 PM CEST (Danish time). You can apply by sending your Concept Note and all other necessary documents to dgbp@dgbp.dk. 

If you are in doubt about the eligibility of your partnership project or unsure what documents are necessary, please consult the 2024 DGBP Administrative Guidelines that you can find on our webpage. You are also welcome to contact the DGBP Secretariat via e-mail (dgbp@dgbp.dk) in case you have further questions. 

Photo credit: AMREF Flying Doctors